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Coconut oil pulling

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Type: Mouthwash                               Place of Origin: Jiangxi, China (Mainland)               Brand Name: Glory smile
Model Number: DB-OP                        Product Name: organic oil pulling                           Flavor: fresh mint
Certificates: CE/FDA/GMP/ISO22716    Ingredients: coconut oil, pepper mint flavouring      Packing: pouches
Feature: fresh your mouth                   instruction: use about 5-20 minutes                       Size: 10ml/sachet
OEM: Available                                   Manufacturer: yes

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details    100 PCS packed into a carton
Delivery Time          5 days after your payment


          Professional Fresh Organic Coconut Oil  Pulling Mouth Wash

Item name Coconut oil pulling
Packing 14 pouches be packed into a color box
Volume 10ml
Ingredients Coconut oil   Peppermint flavouring 
Feature Fresh the mouth
Brand Glory smile or OEM
Services Retail wholsale  OEM
Flavor Fresh Mint
Payment TT Western Union Paypal Trade assurance
Shipping DHL Fedex UPS Sea Air




How Coconut Oil Pulling really works ?

If oil pulling isn't magic, what is the biological and chemical process that happens in our mouths to " pull " away these harmful bugs ?


During the swishing process, the oil mixes with saliva, creating a thin liquid that travels between your teeth and gums to places where bacteria hide.  The oils with naturally antibacterial properties bind to the biofilm, or the plaque,  on the teeth and reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth. Bacteria is absorbed into the pulling oil during swishing and removed during the expulsion of the oil from your mouth. This is why spitting the oil out instead of swallowing it.



Coconut Oil Pulling Functions :

  • Whiten Teeth In a Natural Way
  • Removes stains
  • Strong Teeth and Make Gums Healthy
  • Spearmint Freshen Your Breath 
  • Naturally Antibacterial to kill viruses & bateria in your mouth & detox the body
  • Cures Gum Disease & Bad Breath 


When you start oil pulling, you might experience some of the positive effects immediately, or it may take a few days or

even weeks. It will very much depend on the state of your health to begin with, and how compromised your immune

system is. Either way, hang on in there and I am sure you will grow to love it !



Benefits of Coconut Oil Pulling :


There is no need for chemical teeth whitening strips when oil pulling works. The oil possesses natural

antibiotic and antiviral properties that brighten and cleans teeth, keeping them pearly white.


The benefits even extend to your skin! Removing toxins from the body that would otherwise make it into

the bloodstream means the skin has a chance to shine. Rashesand skin issues often reduce

dramatically, or even clear up completely, when oil pulling.


When the body is under toxic stress, headaches and migraines occur. It is nature’s way of asking for

some time out to recover. By eliminating bacteria from the body via oil pulling, headaches can be



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